Only Bad Posts From Now On

This is to tell you that there'll only be bad blog posts from now on. “So nothing changes?“—Shut up! But… yeah.

You're still here? Okay. I'll go into a bit more detail.

Posts Until Now

I started this blog with the intention of having conversations in public, but when that didn't take I pivoted to the common blogging format of just sharing general thoughts. I barely reached my goal of publishing 12 posts in 2022. At the point of publication I was quite happy with all of them. I think they were all providing some unique perspectives that I hadn't seen elsewhere. So why not continue this way?

Good Posts

I still want to write good posts. But those of 2022 took a lot out of me. With loads of good, great and even perfect content online already, it's difficult to find new and unique perspectives to share. And even when I find one, it's a lot of work to polish them to a level able to compete with all these other great examples. So why are bad posts the solution?

Bad Posts

I don't want to write bad posts. There's more than enough of them and adding to that feels like making it even harder for people to find the good stuff. And still, the average quality of content on the internet can only ever improve when a thinking individual shares their thoughts. And to enable me to post anything at all I'll pre-commit to calling them “bad”. Whether that actually makes me post more often remains to be seen.


If writing good posts is hard right now, I can at least practice by writing a lot of bad posts. Walt Stanchfield once claimed: “We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us. The sooner we get them out the better.” So check back in 9,986 posts for my first good one or join me now on the journey there.

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