The Vegetarian | Han Kang

Skip the meat and go straight to this.

After a dream Yeong-hye decides to become vegetarian and throws out all the meat of her and her husband's fridge. He is not amused. He tells her. But when she doesn't listen he escalates by calling her mom and sister and telling on her. There he finds the support he needs and they unite against her. Yeong-hye won't give up on her diet, even when it later lands her in a hospital due to malnutrition. Eventually her brother-in-law is inspired to produce a film of her naked body and the hospital staff will run into trouble force feeding her to keep her alive.

Yes, this plot is going places. But it finds very natural ways to take the reader along and experience this wild series of events in a believable way. It's divided into three parts that place focus on slightly different themes, but ultimately present a compelling arc.

Although this book is about vegetarianism (or veganism) on the surface any other minority group will identify familiar patterns and recognize themselves in the protagonist's social expulsion.

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