Wintersmith | Terry Pratchett

Will entertain you through the cold winter season

A natural continuation of the “Tiffany Aching” series which started with the excellent The Wee Free Men and was followed by the less-excellent-but-still-good A Hat Full of Sky.

This time Tiffany has gotten herself into trouble by dancing with the Wintersmith, the personification of the winter season. And like a good witch she has to take full responsibility and deal with the problem of having the Wintersmith have a full on crush on her and wanting to make her his bride.

This time themes of romance and sexuality get explored—and of course the theme of taking responsibility. For my tastes the threat could have felt more immediate as it often leaves room for a subplot around Annagramma, but the last third wouldn't let me put the book down as it had me completely hooked.

Like the other novels in this series this one is completely dripping with empathy and compassionate life lessons that it's very much a joy to read for teens as well as adults. And, of course, it's very funny:

She did, eventually, find a staircase that went up (unless, of course, you started at the top).

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