On “No Loose Ends” | 2023-11-26

Again, this was a mashup of two ideas from my list: “Heist” and “Ghost Story”. I'm surprised how fun this idea turned out. It's a bit easy to introduce and “solve” characters one after the other. I think it would be cool to have a longer story where all characters are set up in the beginning and we follow them through the execution of a more complex plan. Once I had the rules of every ghost having a cause of death, an expertise, and some unfinished business it was quite easy to go step-by-step through the heist. And of course every good heist needs a twist threatening to jeopardize the plan. The most difficult part was finding a way to resolve the twist. The easiest thing would have been for Vincent's disappearance to solve the problem he'd introduced, but that felt too cheap. That's why Dolores is there. I thought it would be fun for all the ghosts to be gone at the end. That's why the police chief also finds peace even after his second death. I'm not sure how elegant it is, but I guess it works.