On “Rainy Days” | 2023-11-28

I wanted to revisit the sci-fi genre, because the first time around I had only had one character. I envisioned a whole crew, but it turned out a lot smaller again. It feels a bit cheap to throw around made up words like sim-chamber, squart and holo-screen, but I guess that's one way writers approach this genre? I did write this story under a bit of time pressure, but I feel like it turned out quite dense. It's more open ended than others, but I feel like this works better than some of the “punchline endings” of other stories. The other inspiration was just the word “rain” which made its way into the title in the end. (I title my stories after writing them.) I think that even though the setting is sci-fi this is more of a melancholy slice-of-life piece. That seems to be one of the themes with my writing this month.