On “Theme Park” | 2023-11-27

The only thing worse than a bus ride is a car ride with the family. I've been all four of these characters and none of them are enjoying this. And it's not that these characters are all horrible, it's the car ride that's bringing it out in them. An unofficial challenge I've set myself is that I don't want to recycle names in my stories. I haven't checked, but I'm quite sure that every character has a unique name. In this story I sidestepped this challenge by not giving the characters any names, which led to a different challenge. It felt weird to refer to the driver as “the driver” so they don't get a big presence. I also had to explicitly gender “the big one” as I had to refer to him a lot. I would've liked to keep them all a bit more ambiguous as they are supposed to be canvases to project your own road trip family onto. Yes, the green thing the big one had spied was his Hulk action figure. He's not very creative.