Theme Park

The kids on the backseat were getting loud again. “Honey, can you please do something to keep them occupied?” As if she hadn't thought of that herself. Their high pitched screaming and arguing was causing her a headache. She raised her voice, “Okay you two. Let's play a game.” “What kind of game?” asked the big one. “Wha ka of gam?” parroted the little one. “Let's play the silent game. Whoever can keep quiet the longest wins.” “That's not a real game!” protested the big one. The little one agreed, “no real gam!” and started kicking the back of her seat. She became agitated. “Cut that out, no kicking!” The little one did not stop. Instead the big one joined in, kicking the back of the driver's seat. They both started giggling. “Listen to your mother! I'm driving! This is dangerous!” The kicking continued. “Do I have to drive on the side of the road and stop?” An empty threat as they were in the middle of a freeway. He couldn't do anything. She couldn't either. She felt ill. She had never really done well in cars, but being in here for coming up to four hours now with these two devils in the back was too much. “Please, you two. Let's play I spy...“ The kicking stopped. “I go first,” said the big one, “I spy with my little eye. . .” He drew out the last vowel while looking around the car until he landed on something, “something green.” “Fortnite!” screamed the little one. “It's not Fortnite.” “Fortnite!” the little one insisted. “IT'S NOT FORTNITE!” the big one screamed. “Ouch!” the little one let out and began crying. She turned around and saw the big one hitting the little one with a Hulk action figure. She reached back, trying to take it from him, but it wasn't easy as he was flailing his arms in his rage. As she gripped him she could feel the sandwiches from earlier sliding back up her throat as she threw up. “Ew, mama did frop-frop” said the little one between sniffles. “Honey, this is a rental! Why didn't you say something?”